Transcription services for Colorado Springs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer translation services?

Not at this time. All source material should be in English.

I'm ready to get started. What do you need?

We'll need your audio or video to transcribe as well as complete billing information. Please do get in touch with us so we can coordinate everything with you.

What billing information do you need?

We need full name, address, telephone number, email address, and the other typical billing information in addition to:

Individuals: If you're paying personally (or as an individual), we request a credit card on file. We will only charge your card at the completion of your transcription project, prior to the final delivery. Please do not email credit card information as it is not secure. If you'd like to fax your info, use our main office's Credit Card Authorization form [PDF - new tab]. You may also call us at (719) 396-6738.

Business/Government: If you represent a business, company, a government agency or department, or any other organization, we will need complete bill-to information for an invoice. We are happy to follow any procurement process required, including a purchase order process or sending you any required information about us (like a form W-9). An invoice will be sent at the completion of your project with Net 30 or Net 45 payment terms.

Billing information will only be used for the billing and collections processes as needed.

How do I send my audio or video to you?

We will coordinate with you for sending your files to us. Just get in touch. Our sales team or your project manager will provide details once we have all of the necessary information.

We offer a simple, secure upload portal for files up to 1GB in size.

We can also work with links to external services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, YouTube, Vimeo, and many others.

For files over 1GB in size, we can make other arrangements with you.

Are the files I send you secure?

Yes. All submitted files are stored inside of our secured, internal network.

How long will you keep my audio or video files?

Under normal circumstances, submitted files may be kept on our secure servers for up to 60 days. In cases where an account may enter collections, submitted files may be kept indefinitely until the matter is resolved.

Can I just drop stuff off in person?

Not at this time. We are an entirely digital office, and our staff works remotely. You may ship materials to our central office, where all physical materials are handled, however. Our sales team or your project manager will help coordinate shipping.

Will you send my physical materials back?

Absolutely, if you need it back. Return shipping costs, including any materials required, will be added to your invoice.

What is standard turnaround time?

Standard turnaround time is 1-2 business days per 2 hours of audio or video.

What is extended turnaround time?

Extended turnaround time is standard turnaround time plus 5 business days.

Can I get my transcripts faster than standard turnaround time?

Absolutely! However, there may be additional fees for rush service depending on how much faster you need.

For transcription projects with multiple audio or video files, the completed transcripts will be delivered incrementally as soon as they are completed. In this case, feel free to work with your Project or Account Manager to prioritize the most important files. You'll only receive the very last transcripts toward the end of the turnaround time, and rush fees can be avoided.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes! We have automatic volume discounts for 20 or more hours of audio per transcription project. We also offer discounts to non-profit organizations upon request. No discounts are available for the Budget level of service.

Will you sign a nondisclosure or confidentiality agreement?

Nondisclosure/confidentiality agreements (NDAs) are not always needed, as confidentiality is our default. Our business depends on it! However, if you require a specific agreement, we are happy to sign. If you don't have your own NDA, we can provide our own standard agreement. We prefer to be able to sign NDAs as an entire organization, versus collecting individual signatures, but we can accommodate either option. We are not able to sign NDAs for the Budget level of service.

How are hours calculated for per hour rates?

All hourly rates have a one-hour minimum. Beyond the first hour, time is added in increments of 15 minutes. All hours are calculated as actual time spent performing the service, much like how a lawyer or other professional would.

How are minutes calculated for per minute rates?

Minutes are calculated from the duration of submitted audio or video files on a per-file basis. Partial minutes are rounded up to the nearest whole minute.

Do you have a minimum charge?

Our minimum charge is $30 per invoice.

How are you able to offer the Budget level of service for such a low price?

Like most other transcription companies offering such low rates, our Budget level of service is outsourced to one of our trusted partners overseas in an English-speaking country. The Budget level of service is unique in this regard. Both the Standard and Premium levels of service (along with all medical transcription, without exception!) are completed entirely in the United States, which does have a higher cost. By outsourcing Budget transcription, we are able to pass the savings along to you.

Are there any additional options available for the Budget level of service?

You may add QA or Transcript Editing at their published rates. No other options are available.

Are there any restrictions for the Budget level of service?

Yes. Not all types of audio or video are eligible for our Budget level of service. Medical transcription or audio/video with medical content is not eligible. As noted, Budget transcription is only available for audio or video with one or two speakers at most. The audio quality must be good by our determination (no background noise, no static, no strong accents, no people talking over one another, both speakers clearly audible, etc.). Lower-quality audio is not eligible. Budget transcripts cannot be certified. We are unable to sign NDAs for the Budget level of service. Rush service is not available for Budget transcription. No discounts of any kind are available for the Budget level of service.

What happens if I choose Budget and my audio doesn't meet the requirements?

One of our project managers will contact you and offer either the Standard or Premium option to you, depending on your submitted files. We will not begin transcription of your files without your approval of the offered choice.

What is draft quality service?

Draft quality service is simple, single-pass transcription. The audio is transcribed into a document in a single listen-through. It does not receive any proofreading, editing, or further quality assurance. It is only offered in our Budget tier of service, and is good for those that don't mind editing their document after delivery, or in cases where cost is more important than quality.

What is proofread transcription?

Proofread transcription is our balanced transcription option. The final transcribed document is proofread for basic mistakes (such as spelling and word use) after the audio has been transcribed. It may include listening to sections of audio a second or third time for clarity.

What is triple-pass transcription?

Triple-pass transcription is our best quality transcript. After the original typist has finished transcribing, proofreading, and editing the final transcript, the original source material and document is sent to our Quality Assurance department where our most-senior staff, each with 15 or more years of experience and very well-trained ears, will listen to difficult sections of audio to help reduce the number of blanks and bolds. They may also make other corrections as they're seen. Two or three pairs of eyes are better than one!